December 06, 2009

Christmas Presents Batch 1

Whoo boy good thing there's rain today. I was forced to stay indoors and paint.

The first painting I did was for a good friend who's a huge Sonic the Hedgehog fan. I did Sonic in my personal favorite form, Super Sonic. Back in my middle school years Dragon Ball Z fanart was my life. I drew Goku so often that now I don't even need reference images for his Super Saiyajin form. Early Super Sonic images resemble SSJ Goku too. I decided I liked the gold paint I used so much that I would use it in my remaining paintings as a tying theme.

I continued on to my Secret Santas. Since this is a comic book themed Secret Santa I knew I would be doing a lot of research to get the right characters, authors, and facts. On top of 'normal' presents that I planned to give them anyway I decided to make a few paintings as well. I would hate to waste good acrylic paint too.

The next painting was inspired by Superman: Red Son. If you haven't read it yet I highly recommend it. Imagine if Superman crash landed onto Soviet Russia rather than the United States. The Man of Steel is Stalin's greatest komrade. This painting doesn't depict a specific scene from the comic book, but I felt it would likely be in it. If you look carefully you may find another familiar DC character in the darkness.

Continuing on my next Secret Santee's favorite Green Lantern character is Guy Gardner. I admit I wasn't pleased with trying to depict a bowl cut, but I learned through a few character biographies that Guy Gardner has the strange haircut in homage to his own favorite comic book character. So the bowl cut stayed, as well as the funky 70's era vest design.

The last one for the weekend is this painting. My Secret Santee is a Patriots fan as well as a DC fan. I put two and two together. His favorite Patriots players (Tom Brady and Ben Watson) as his two favorite DC characters. The hardest part of this painting was matching the colors to the official ones for the Patriots uniforms. That blue (officially called 'nautical blue') isn't quite Navy but not quite indigo. The red is just ever-so-slightly brick red. Ah well, at least it made filling in the line art with color worth the wait.

Phew, done with the first batch! Four down and four to go!

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