December 24, 2009

Thank You and Happy Holidays!

I finally found some time to make a Seasons Greetings post!

Thank you to everyone reading this for stopping by my blog, even if it's just to read this latest article. I update regularly, but not so often as to annoy you on your RSS feed. I post about things that inspire me along with stuff I sell. It's not one giant billboard/blog you see. I have a real life too.

Thank you to my small but ever growing group of blog followers. I never thought that even one person would take interest in my pretty pictures and random updates but it turns out there is at least one! I appreciate every comment and respond back when I can.

Thank you to my real life friends and relatives that gave their blessings to start my own little online shop. It's been a blast putting my business degree (and Japanese language minor) to good use as well as having a legitimate reason to stockpile on art supplies. I knew I had a well for talent, but if I wasn't pushed into selling things on Etsy I would have never realized how deep it really wise.

Happy Holidays everyone! Now to to your loved ones and friends and spend some quality time.

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