December 17, 2009

Wait, pursuing your dreams and running your own shop is hard work?!

Who would-a thunk of that?!

A recent article by the New York Times covering the difficulties faced by Etsy's big blockbuster sellers rubbed me the wrong way. (That Hobby Looks Like a Lot of Work by Alex Williams) Congratulations! You made it! The arts/crafts you're good at are recognized by others and purchased often enough for you to pursue it full time! Consider yourselves lucky and blessed.

I'm not jealous of their success nor their fame. It just surprises me that so many artists and crafters don't figure out the underlying consequences of setting up your own shop.

Shoot for the stars and be the best at whatever you're good at. But be ready for haters in the shadows mocking your work; be ready for long sleepless nights trying to make enough items to ship by the next day; be ready for little to no chances of socializing while you're forced to craft; be ready for those handful of unhappy customers out to ruin your good times; be ready for natural disasters; be ready for getting hospitalized on your own insurance (or worse: no insurance); be ready for your family and loved ones telling you that your business is becoming your life.

My business background prepared me and gave me the basic tools on how to set up and operate my own shop. I may be selling arts and crafts as a 'side job' but that doesn't mean I take my side job lightly. I highly suggest for others to take introduction to business classes, or read up on good books on how to run a business.

What you do as a 'job' everyday should be fun and exciting. When it isn't then you're just 'working' and not doing what you love. Be prepared my friends.

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