April 11, 2010

Project: MP3 Player Belt Clip (part 1)

I own an iAudio 7, a hand-me-down mp3 player from my boyfriend. I need something to keep me sane at work and working out. For the past month I've been looking around Amazon and Etsy for a specific sort of carrying case/belt clip for my mp3 player. Since I couldn't find anything that fit my needs, I decided to be brave and do it on my own.

I am in no way a tailor or professional sewer. My grandma did her best to teach me how to stitch. I was incredibly indecisive at the fabric store. Finally I settled on a mostly black and white quilting fabric that had Asian dragons on it. The touches of red calls up the red case on the mp3 player. While waiting for my fabric to be cut I discovered interface, which feels like foam but fuses fabric together thanks to a hot iron.

Well it's time to cut. Avengers assemble!

Well, that was easy. I broke out my ruler and a pencil. I realized I needed some wiggle room so my mp3 player could slide in and out of the case I was putting together. Measured three times because I would feel like a fool if it didn't fit.

As a precaution I had some wiggle room in between each slice of interface. Smart decision on my part. If I didn't the interface wouldn't allow the fabric to bend or move.

Dangit it's time for bed already. Stay tuned for NEW! Progress shots. AMAZING! insight into my crafting skills. And the THRILLING! Conclusion. Same Bat time, same Bat channel!

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