May 27, 2010

I Made a Treasury!: Doink Doink

I grew up with Law & Order as my 'big girl' show. It was my first encounter with how crime fighters really fought crime, without super powers or magical devices. Okay maybe DNA sequencing could be considered a magical device but that's not magic, that's science! How unique an ID do you want unless you're a twin but even then--

Anyway, Law & Order. Sam Waterston is like that kooky uncle that at some point in his ramblings really won you over. Jerry Orbach, rest his soul, was Lumierre, the awesome candelabra. The cast lineup has changed over the years but these two actors were the Law and Order I remember. Happy 20th Birthday Law & Order!

Congratulations to all who made the listing and the alternates!

Click here to see the 'Doink Doink' treasury
Doink Doink

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