May 18, 2010

I Made a Treasury!: Shine. Sparkle. Glitter. Dazzle.

I'll take "Shiny Objects" for $500, Alex. Seriously if that were a Jeopardy category I would do fantastic in it.

I was inspired by my browsing through Think Geek, an online retail store devoted to pretty much all things nerdy. I need to shop for my dad and for my brother-in-law for Father's Day. What better thing to give than some high tech doo-dad with blinking lights and practical uses?

Of course, with Etsy having a largely female customer base, I had to make a treasury a little more custom fit to the better gender. Congratulations to all that made it in the my showcase and the alternates!

Click here to visit the 'Shine. Sparkle. Glitter. Dazzle.' Treasury
Shine Sparkle Glitter Dazzle Treasury

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