August 01, 2010

New Item: Heat/Atsui/熱い Art Trading Card ACEO

My house is getting quite a few renovations to say the least. In order to renovate one area all of the stuff inside is, of course, being thrown into my room. This might be why I'm going art cards (ACEO) this month. Small, stately pieces of art that I can make in some very small spaces.

I actually thought of this one in a bar, watching a mixed martial arts event with my boyfriend. There were training clips of one of the fighters sweating it out in the gym of his Las Vegas training grounds. That's where the idea really started. When I leave my day job early enough I can catch the local high school football team in summer training. Just looking at these guys doing windsprints gets me tired. But you wouldn't be doing any of this in hot, humid August unless you had a passion for your sport.

This piece is available for purchase at my Etsy shop.

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