August 22, 2010

San Francisco Food Cart Festival 2010

What have I been doing away from my blog? Among other obvious things, eating.

You've probably seen some crazy gimmick food trucks/roach coaches/stands run by crazy old ladies before, but San Francisco seems to take it to another level. Name your country, sweet, or gimmick of choice and there's got to be a food cart or food truck in the city that suits your tastes. Yesterday was a jam packed, all star line up of just a few of the things you can find here in San Francisco past the last calls for alcohol.

I mean seriously look at this sea of people. I don't think anyone was expecting such a high response to street food. I've always heard San Francisco is a foodie town. I agree. Food is serious business around here. If you're gonna spend all this money on food, it should at the very least be tasty.

A few trends I did notice while I was there:
  1. East Asian+Mexican Fusion. We're talking chicaron sushi, Korean BBQ tacos, yuzu (a Japanese citrus) mojito. I think it's a huge reflection of the area this festival is held in, which is the Mission district. The Mexican and Asian restaurants in this area are always good.
  2. Sweets. Carts and food trucks devoted only to the desserts. Creme brulee, cupcakes, you get the picture.
  3. Fresca. Again this might be indicative of the Mission district, but there was a lot of fresh squeezed fruit drinks to consume. I love me some good fresca on a hot day.

Now is time for the sequence that Anthony Bourdain would call Food Porn.

Dear Lord all of these pictures are making me hungry again nom nom nom nom =9

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