September 26, 2010

Wait, I Sew? (A Purple Flower Hair Clip. By Myself)

Yes, I do. Very badly. Traumatic experiences with a grandmother who could literally sew everything while watching soap operas.

One day I convinced myself I want a fabric flower hair clip. After about two days of searching I couldn't find what was envisioned in my head. I found many things too small, too big, too flashy, or just too awful. Of course, all of these things were too expensive. Frustrated, I decided to make this myself.


  1. Fabric - some cheap fat quarters in batik patterns
  2. Felt - eco-friendly
  3. Needles - normal sewing needles and embroidery
  4. Thread - the fancy embroidery ones and ones with neat gradients
  5. Large hair clips - surprisingly critical component. I bought hair clips that I knew could keep my fine hair together.
  6. Button - I found this while looking for the supplies above. It immediately reminded me of one of my grandma's blouses.
  7. Fabric glue - An adhesive glue with more flexibility than standard tacky glue.

The design took a couple of doodles to get right. I kept forgetting I needed this flower and leaf to fit on my head and the clip that it will be on. I drew out the pattern on the cloth, and made a cloth sandwich (cloth, felt, cloth) on the embroidery hoop. And holy cow I sewed something for purposes other than fixing holes and tears.

I used the embroidery thread to make a border. I am terrible with maintaining consistency in my stitches. I can feel the my grandma's spirit on me to at least attempt to make all of this pretty. I tried, grandma. I don't have decades of practice like you did. But thank you for teaching me to thread a needle and multi-task. Catching up to my TV shows on my DV-R and sewing. Oddly relaxing and helps me focus on the task at hand.

I was indecisive about gluing or sewing on the finished components. I had enough stitches in them to make sewing new stitches very difficult. However the fabric glue is doing very well.

For my first foray into making hair accessories I am happy with the results. Things can only go up from here.

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