January 06, 2011

What's come over me?

I must be in a serious sewing phase. I'm getting a big thrill trying to sew things on my own. Now I understand why seamstresses and tailors charge as much as they do. This is serious work on your fingers and your back if you're not careful. Right now I have a whole bunch of fabric I never thought of getting even a few months ago. I am in the middle of a sewing project to give monogrammed, reusable coffee sleeves as Valentines to co-workers.

I still enjoy doing Japanese calligraphy. However, my 2 year old niece also loves messing with my art supplies. I discovered my favorite calligraphy brush buried at the bottom her stuffed animal treasure box. Oddly enough she replaced my brush with one of her broken crayons. At least she knows how to do a fair trade. Maybe I just need a muse to inspire me to do more calligraphy. It's difficult finding the quiet time and zen state you need to do calligraphy with a toddler trying to paint her face with dirt.

1 comment:

  1. What a wodnerful idea for reuse items!