April 29, 2011

Unlikely Creative Space

Ideally, I would be doing my artwork at home with some soothing music in the background and plenty of table room to work and possibly eat. My home life isn't exactly so ideal. My niece, though I love her, has overrun all of the table space in my house with toys and crayons and food bits and whatever else two year olds tend to leave in their wake. I'll have to take my art supplies elsewhere to let out my creative energies.

I've been making a bunch of ACEOs (trading card sized artwork) during breaks at my day job. This week I took my calligraphy supplies to local cafes and sandwich shops. Of course, I would buy a few drinks and a sandwich before management gives me strange looks. Ink takes a while to dry on rice paper so I have to use nearby tables and seats to let them dry. Being creative in public limits my quantity of work, though. I can't have paint spill anywhere and I have to be able to clean up after myself. Thankfully the store workers leave me be after I buy a few more snacks from them.

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