June 17, 2009

Another night another shodou session

Yep my coffee table is perfect for shodou. It makes me sit up straight or I lose all control of my brush strokes.

Not shown in first picture: The giant pile of scraps and rejected calligraphy, old handouts and guides on stroke technique strewn on the floor, the phone that went off in the middle of what I thought was my best calligraphy for the night.

I have to make a lot of calligraphy to even get it down to three decent looking ones. Tonight was around 10 sheets for each word, but some nights it can be 20 sheets used up. Usually I wait until the next day to pick the best of the three. What I deemed the best eventually goes up as an Etsy listing. Can you guess which one I chose?

So the rejects and all the scraps are sent to my papermaking bin. The sumi behaves like watercolor when it's soaked in water. I take advantage of this in my papers. When I consider something too bright (say, safety/highlighter yellow), I add a sheet from the rejects. It adds a tiny bit of strength to the paper as well as dull the color a bit.

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