June 19, 2009

I'm in an Coffee Table Artbook!

It's Friday night and I'm very happy to be home. Why? Because I just learned that on of my art pieces was accepted into an art book! Hooray!

The SomethingAwful forums have a (deservingly) bad reputation on the Internet, but it's not all snarky bad apples. A very talented forum member decided to do the impossible and publish a Goon Art Book. There was a one month deadline for submissions and I made the cut!

The theme of the book was 'space'. It could be outer space, the space between two objects, or just spacing out.

Here is the art I submitted. It's the character for 'star' (hoshi) done in tensho ('seal script' style) of Japanese calligraphy. Tensho is considered the oldest known writing Chinese writing systems. The character hoshi is everywhere for traditional Japanese outer space vocabulary, from constellations to planets and even galaxies.

You can download the book for free at http://www.artgoons.com

(I'm on page 31-32 on the low-res version, 61-62 on the high-res btw.)

If you like what you see, you'll be able to purchase this book for $35 + S&H (estimated price and not finalized). It's a fantastic book filled with wonderful art from a whole slew of artistic styles. I'm sure there'll be something for everyone, plus you're only paying for the cost to print the book. The artists nor the book organizer is profiting. I'll be posting purchasing information when it becomes available

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