September 25, 2009

Lotus - My moment of zen

I make a point to block off at least one part of one day in any given weekend to have a moment of zen. Some people go to the gym, others go to a night club or bar, I decide to put the supplies I bought over the week to good use.

The Asian Art Museum visit still lights a fire in my soul. The statues and depictions of Buddha over a lotus captured my imagination. I could also hear my Asian art history teacher in my college days telling me how such and such monks traveled to some faraway land and such and such and Buddhism spread. (Yeah I swear some lectures sounded just like that.) I wanted to do my own take on the lotus flower. What drove me the following weeks was to find the right materials to bring it to life.

A lot of trips to Michael's and JoAnn's, buying little tubes of paint or brushes and whatever else. "Oooh that'll work perfect," or "Look! And it's on clearance. Mwahahaha I have shopping karma today." (Yeah sometimes I cackle in public places. Try it some time it will make you feel a lot better.)

I finally got to painting today. Catching up on shows I missed on my DV-R, I was happy as can be. Of course I made a great mess on my coffee table. There's still glue stuck in my fingernails. But you know what?

Worth iiiiiiiiiiit!

I am seriously considering making a series of this lotus and selling them at my shop. But I want to see how this piece turns out after the glue really dries.

Very satisfied with my work. Time for a late night snack and then a long night's rest.

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