September 20, 2009

Tidying up, more bookmarks, and another art book

I've been keeping busy this weekend updating my DeviantArt page and my Trunkt portfolio. Both suffered quite a bit of neglect since I got started in another job contract. I never realized that my bookmarks took up such a big chunk of my artwork. They're also really easy and fun to make.

Speaking of making bookmarks, I've also managed to make a real good mess on my coffee table making more of them. I decided to participate in Little Black Boxes again for October and chose Color as this round's bookmark theme. I used the little paint swatches you'd find at your local paint store for color. As a kid I would tag along with my dad going to home improvement stores. He always knew that if he lost me I would likely be in the paint section, cherry picking colors that I wanted to cut up and put on my childhood artwork. Well here I go again using paint squares to make something. There are some fabulous results, which you can check out on the websites I updated above. But here's my personal favorite, which is of course my rainbow bookmark. The paper I used was some leftover wrapping paper I fell in love with.

Finally, I'm in another art book! The theme is 'paranormal' since it's timed to be published around October. If you have a torrent program such as BitTorrent or BitComet, you can get a free PDF file of the book here. I will keep you updated on when a hardcover copy of the book is available.

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