September 07, 2009

Photography Randomness: Labor Day Weekend 2009

I've been trying to find some inspiration for some original artwork ideas floating in my head. I headed out to the San Francisco Asian Art Museum with Aletta to check out the Samurai exhibit.

After meeting up at an awesome little cafe, we found ourselves waiting in front of a very long line. But hey, it's a nice weekend and we weren't in a rush. To our delight we found we came in on a FREE day. So we only spent an extra $5 to see the Samurai exhibit. The only bust was I couldn't take pictures of the featured Samurai galleries. However everything else was fair game.

Their mainstay galleries were things I remember seeing in Asian art history class when I was pursuing my undergraduate degree. It is one thing to see pictures in books, it's quite another to be close enough to touch the objects. Well, at least touch the objects before encountering glass or a fussy museum coordinator. This beautiful piece of calligraphy was almost as high as the ceiling. I would really like to know where I could get myself brushes that big. Never mind that it's around 50 pounds and cumbersome to move.

It felt like there were a million of these little perfume bottles. Some were gorgeously designed, while others just had dazzling color. Too bad my camera's memory card could only hold so much.

Could you believe this was around 5 inches in diameter? Look at all that detail!

So in short, I am very inspired to do some artwork. I have plenty of pictures to keep my muse entertained while I gather more materials. Maybe hopefully sometime this week I'll get all the prep work finished and seriously start putting the pieces together.

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