October 23, 2009

Busy Bee, Vegan Sample Bag, Wholesale

Been a while since my last post. Rumors about my death are untrue. But with toddler for a niece wanting to get my hands on my craft stuff during her visit to my house all October it's hard to even check up on e-mail.

I will be participating in the Vegan Craft Samples holiday 2009 giveaway bag. Thanks to my Etsy shop I was offered by Heather, who runs the VGS show, to participate. I will be making more bookmarks for this sample bag, which you can find at my Trunkt page (they're the most recent set).

And finally...I've been having so much fun making a ton of things at once that I finally decided to make some of my stuff available for wholesale. Check out my Trunkt portfolio for more info. I want to sell my paper, bookmarks, and calligraphy in small and big retail shops alike. I can only make so much within a given time but I'll be more than happy to take on large orders =D

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