March 01, 2010

Weekly Calligraphy: More like calligraphies (calligraphii?)

I've been a busy bee making ACEOs for The Little Black Boxes. Hoo boy is my arm hurting from all the calligraphy.

What have I learned so far? For one thing my silver ink has no desire to be photographed. Another thing I learned is making texture with my heavy body acrylic paint. In Asian art the mediums tend to be flat, the most texture coming from charcoal. With European art things like oils and acrylics ad a brand new dimension to the (tiny) canvas.

Here's a close up of one of the ACEOs. It's 結ぶ (むすぶ pronounced 'moo-sue-boo'), a verb that translates 'to tie' or 'to link.'

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