March 06, 2010

WIP: Seeing things in the clouds

Hello everyone. Beautiful Saturday so far, isn't it? I got a creative kick from watching the clouds pass by during lunch. I still imagine clouds taking the shapes of animals or objects. If I stare too long at the clouds transparent forms start floating by. (I know, it's from the random things floating around in your eye. But that's not a fun explanation.) I decided that would be the essence of what I would mimic in my last piece for The Hive Creations.

I wanted to integrate a beautiful image of a bird I could in a paper die cut. I used the die cut as a stencil and layered on the paint. Removing the paper proved difficult, and refused to be moved after repeated attempts. Lesson learned I would have coated the die cut in sealant. But now I find myself liking the bits that were left. Now it has an antiquing effect that makes the bird really pop.

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