April 18, 2010

Project: MP3 Player Belt Clip (part 2)

Previously on (not) Lost I decided to create an MP3 player case with my limited sewing skills. What I lack in the sewing department I make up for with gumption and determination.

I second guessed myself on sewing down the corners of the case. It's a detail that doesn't have to be there, really. Then I recalled asking my grandmother why she insisted on hand stitching the seams of her already finished handkerchiefs. "To make it strong," was her answer to me. It's not a perfect stitch, I admit, but it will have to do.

Soon I moved on to sealing the frayed top and bottom of the case. I made my own little bit of bias tape with thinner interface and an iron. Wrapping the finished fabric ribbon around the edges was not as easy as I thought. The ribbon refused to stay in one place. I even used that fancy fabric glue that's supposed to stick every form of fabric together. It ended up drying lopsided, with more ribbon one side than another. But hey my frayed edges are sealed.

Now is the moment of truth. I've assembled all the components. I glued the bottom piece onto the larger main case. Laundry clips were to keep the shape together as it dried.

Am I crazy? Will this thing really fold up around itself? It's bulky already. I'm freaking out a bit. Tune in next week for MORE! Random action shots. HILARIOUS! Moments of having glue on my hands. INGENIOUS! Lessons learned. Same bat time, same bat channel.

Good night everyone!

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