May 07, 2010

Aftermath Notes - Etsy Meet and Greet in San Francisco

The Cinco De Mayo San Francisco Etsy Meet and Greet came and went. Shoutouts to the members of the San Francisco/Bay Area Street Team, as they were out in practically full force.

I met all sorts of sellers and talented artisans who really have their act together. Their ambitions and drive to get out there and open up to more potential customers is awe inspiring. All the groups were talking shop, about materials, business cards, local craft events, and what have you. Small world when I learned one of the sellers, KimonoMomo, is actually going to be a dealer at my old anime convention haunt FanimeCon. I used to attend and staff that convention in my college days. Ah the sweet memories.

The Etsy admin/engineering team are a bunch of cool dudes. It's nice to hear they're opening up an office in San Francisco. As much as I love Etsy, they do have a huge NYC/East coast bias for events (ahem VIRTUAL LABS ahem). That was one mighty long (and windy) Q&A session though. Tough to hear answers with transit lines and loud conversations outside.

I'm really looking forward to more events like this. There's only so much you can promote online. I felt like I made an impact when I told my stories and showed off my portfolio to real people.

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