July 01, 2010

I think my horoscope read my mind this morning.

Astrological Clock
Here's what the iGoogle Astrology application greeted me with this morning:

Watch your pocketbook now because you may obsess over a fantasy of purchasing something that could change your image. But money cannot buy happiness, even if you're hooked by the idea of acquiring a piece of artwork, a tech toy or new clothing. Looking at material possessions as the source of satisfaction could frustrate you even more. It's time to turn your thoughts inward and consider what you can do, rather than thinking about what you could own.

I was about to go on a little shopping spree at Paper Source too. Of course this could all be coincidence. This bit of text is just confirming what I am thinking subconsciously. Bah I let the smoke and mirrors humor me a little longer.

I'm an Aquarius, by the way. The aloof, often quirky scientific and artistic geniuses that forget where the keys are.

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