October 21, 2010

Walk around looking classy and feeling comfy

The first time I ever saw someone walk around outside with a pair of Tom's Shoes I remarked, "Since when were we allowed to wear old man slippers outside the house?" Then I started seeing them being worn in San Francisco with increasing frequency, in more styles and colors. My boyfriend's sister starting talking about how great Tom's were and the charitable pair they make for every shoe sold. It was getting close to her birthday and Tom's shoes were the only thing on her wishlist. My hand was pretty much forced.

I did a little browsing on the sight and
...oh, hello there. Are you new here? Yeah, you guessed it. I ordered a pair of very nice wedges and 'classics' (as Tom's calls their original old man shoes) as I ordered a nice gift for my boyfriend's sister.

The shoes came in quickly. Color me impressed both the old man shoes and the wedges were comfortable. And the fit. Wow, they have little arch support things and feel great even without socks. Wow these are the best shoes I ever ordered. I love 'em. So much so I already ordered another pair of each type in a different color. I'm crazy, I know. It's not to say my other shoes won't be loved but I think I found myself a new favorite shoe company.

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