November 04, 2010

Trying new things: Bikram Yoga

AKA 'Just standing here burns calories' AKA 'hot yoga' AKA 'dear Lord please shower before we start please weird lady next to me.' At the suggestion of my boyfriend I decided to try out doing balancing stances in a 100+ degree room.

Why did I choose to do this? I need the exercise. Running/jogging/walking gets boring. Gym gets expensive. I have working out ADD.

I'm doing okay for my first few sessions. It's not the poses that are hard, per say, but the sheer amount of sweat makes it difficult to hold the position for very long. Either the sweat stings my eyes or my own limbs slip over each other. Blech.

Thankfully the teachers are nice and encourage me to stop and take a break. Dizziness and fainting shouldn't be part of meditation. The whole 'your starting a wonderful journey and these are first steps' sorts of encouragement get me going enough to voluntarily stay in this sweltering room.

Since I'm out of shape my body is cramping and spazzing in new ways. After I give my body a day to hold off, I will go back. This thing is like biting into a hot chili pepper. It's so good for you but burns so bad.

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