February 22, 2011

Worth it!: R and B from Lush Cosmetics

R and B Leave-In Conditioner from Lush Cosmetics

Like many of you, I'm on a quest to find beauty products that are worth it. I know I'm paying a lot for a little pot of this or dab or that. But I spent all this time looking for you, you little tiny thing of great value. On top of that you work! All hail those products that are totally worth it.

Even with the movement to buy more eco-friendly beauty products, there are still duds. They mean well and are packaged so pretty, but they fail. Like the eco-friendly mascara I got last month. I had such high hopes but it just did not work out.

This tiny pot does. It's called R&B courtesy of Lush Cosmetics. (See image.)

I have a thing for leave-in conditioner. I don't use a blow dryer or a flat iron. My everyday hair is just however it looks after it air dries. Gels and hairsprays made my scalp feel like its in a plastic bag. So could you imagine how I felt when I saw this at the counter of my local Lush? Oh yeah. Totally happy. I wet a small bit of my hair, and twirled a tiny bit of R&B into the damp strands.

Oh it smells gorgeous! If you don't like flowery or overly fruity smells, this isn't for you. Orange blossoms and jasmine hit you in the face, er, your nostrils. You don't have to wear perfume or smelly lotions anymore with this stuff in your hair. Once the bit of hair dried There was a soft lustre and tamed fly away hair. No hesistation I bought a pot to bring home.

I read in other reviews of this product to not get greedy. Sure enough reviews are right. Too much and your hair looks greasy. Just put a few dabs on your palm before applying to wet hair. Even if you have super long, thick hair. Don't overdo it!

So now I smell my hair and I am instantly reminded of fruit punch and tropical mixed drinks along with the superstar bounce and waves I always dream of having.

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