March 25, 2011

Crafting at Work: Now With Hair Stuff

I firmly believe that if you can't find what you're looking for, make it yourself. Now there may be a difference between the idea in your head and the execution, but at least you made something closer to what you actually wanted.

Since my last entry it came to my mind I wanted a statement hair clip to wear to work. Other than the color I get from my blouse or my earrings, my work wardrobe is plain. From many a viewing of What Not to Wear, I realized I needed to have a statement piece that reflects my personality. My work attire wasn't doing that for me. A-ha! I can use hair clips. I like the idea that I can go from one hair clip to the other while keeping my crazy hair in check. If this works out I can scale down my ambitions for hair ties. Besides, headbands were never my accessory of choice

So for many a work break and a two-minute sanity check (I start to drift if I work on the same project to long) I was busy sewing petals and gluing them together. My co-workers and my boss have noticed little thread bits and cloth scraps flying around my area. I also use an embroidery hoop, like an old lady.

I envisioned a lotus fastened to one of my gigantic hair clips. Here is the result.

As you can see from first picture it's massive. About 7" across and 4.5" high. I did want a statement piece, didn't I? When my work was complete I realized I went overboard on the glue. I wanted the fabric to breath a little bit and now it feels like bendable plastic. At least from far away this piece looks decent.

The back, though...

The way I attached the clip to the flower, what was I thinking? Now when I clip this thing it won't come off of my hair. I felt like a knucklehead. But hey, if I get too lush at the company cocktail party I won't be losing this! Not that my day job has fancy company parties like in Mad Men. Ah well. My 2nd shot at making a lotus hair clip was much, much better. So much more I even made a drawstring bag to keep it in place. I am much happier with the way this one turned out.

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