July 11, 2010

LIVE Video Game Tournament Finals Tonight!

During the course of the week I've been watching quite a few exciting events. The World Cup, obviously. World Series of Poker, as well. But there's also a not so little fighting game tournament going on right now, in fabulous Las Vegas, NV.

Evolution Tournaments runs a whole slew of video game tournaments, broadcast live online. Their crown jewel is this weekend's Street Fighter IV tournament. The best in the world compete to be undisputed SFIV champions. These men make quite a bit of money off of sponsorships, just like pro athletes. This year has a surprising number of finalists that no one expected to step up their game. No corporate backing. Just a whole lot of practice and sweat.

I've been out of the Street Fighter loop since ye olde Super Street Fighter II Championship Edition. Glad to see that things have improved exponentially since I my arcade days. I have a lot of guy friends that want to play at the high level you see in Evo tournaments. I just watch them play with a certain level of nostalgia.

You can catch the women's tournament (on right now) and the winner's elimination round tonight at 9PM PST/6PM EST on Ustream. Here's a nifty link:

Watch the Evolution Street Figher IV Tournament LIVE in Las Vegas NV

Hope you all had a great weekend. Meanwhile, 昇龍拳!

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