July 21, 2010

Party All the Time

Still trying to recover from the weekend festivities, folks. My sister and her family moved back up to the Bay Area. After a little coaxing from my mom, I made a 'Welcome Home' banner to greet my sister, brother-in-law, and niece. I made it with some card stock, paint, punched-out shapes of butterflies, my flower hole puncher, ribbon, and a geranium I pressed myself.

On a side note: I have been pressing a lot of flowers lately. Thanks to the magic of the Microfleur and my microwave. Takes a little while to adjust each flower press batch so everything dries flat and even. The first 5 tries had burned bits and warped centers that made me quite unhappy. I've been stockpiling uniquely colored rose petals for another massive project. I need to gauge how well the dried flowers do in my paper making as well. But that would be another time and another blog post.

On the same day, we also celebrated my nephew's 13th birthday. He's no longer a big boy, but a young man. Well, maybe he can still be a boy in my heart. Look at him eating away at that cake. Like it's going to melt in his hands or something.

My niece, however, does not seem to be pleased by the idea of being photographed while eating delicious chocolate cake on a plate bigger than her head. She thinks it's her birthday party. That's fine I still love her, even if she does give me these funny looks.

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